Monday, October 29, 2012

Blogging in my sleep

I "write" the most witty, pointful blog posts when I'm falling asleep.
Unfortunately, I don't remember them in the morning.
But they're funny. Or I'm so tired they crack me up, anyhow. One of the two.

So a list of unrelated thoughts:
~I can't wait for the election to be over. I've blocked most politically-minded posts from my Facebook feed, and I'm just fried.
~I'm both totally not worried, and very nervous, about Hurricane Sandy. Most paths don't come near us, but we're supposed to get some big wind gusts starting tonight, and it could take out power lines depending on how bad they are.
~The kids are acting like they've been stuck inside for the past several months, not like they spent yesterday at the Science Center with Josh! Cabin Fever is NOT allowed to start in October!
~My kids are rocking school this year. Jasmine is more self-motivated and she's made tremendous progress in spelling and math. She's reading all the time now! Bekah's still doing a lot of first grade work and doing well at it, and Hudson loves doing his school too.

And I really wish I could be a more interesting writer....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

San Antonio

Two weeks ago now, I flew to San Antonio.
I was meeting up with 6 of my digital scrapbooking friends. None of us had met before, but we've been friends for anywhere from 10 months to almost 8 years, so it was like meeting old friends.
We had the most fabulous time.

Remember the Alamo?? Yeah, this is it:

Looking up at a Spanish Mission:

And here's our group:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boring Post

Rule #1. Don't blog when you're sick. You can't come up with anything to say.
Rule #2. Don't call a blog post "boring" or no one will read it.
Rule #3. Always include a picture in your post.
Rule #4. It's okay to break the rules once in awhile ;)

Just wanted you to know I'm not dead ;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting Bigger

He's not a baby anymore.

He's not even a toddler.

He's a boy. And a really, really cute one.
This doll is called "my Abby." He calls the doll a "he" when he calls it Abby, though if he wants it to be a girl-doll, he calls her Sarah. This is all his logic and planning. I'm just thankful his speech is advanced enough to explain how his mind works :)
He sleeps with this doll, or else his little lamb, every night. He's not always this angelic, but he always makes me smile!
Here he is as Neo, or as he calls him, Matrix. He wears my high-heeled boots and has my belt on under that shirt, too. All his doing.

I love this kid.