Friday, October 11, 2013

Finding the Beautiful

There's something about me that's usually a good thing.
Occasionally a very frustrating thing, especially when I'm around people who just want to vent to me.
I find the good in it.
I find something good about every person or situation.
Seriously. Sometimes people just want to tell me what's wrong without my finding something good about it.
I think it's probably why God taught me to be thankful last year.

I realized something this morning. Or, rather, fit it all together.
I do the same thing with my photography.

I take in a scene that might not be very attractive, and find something beautiful about it and capture that.
and you know what? People are much more receptive to that than they are to my butting in and saying, "ooh, you know what I think?" when they're complaining.
So I think I'll learn to let my camera do the talking.