Wednesday, June 05, 2013


I'm in the middle of a fantastic book, "Start: Punch Fear in the Face and do work that matters." I've read everything he's published (I would say "everything he's written, but I'm as bad about reading blogs as I am about updating mine.that's foreshadowing right there.).
His last book, Quitter, inspired me to start focusing my energy with more purpose on the things I wanted to see thrive (i.e. photography) and less time on things I enjoyed but would distract (like when I was invited to join the local fire station's drum-and-bugle corps.) I almost didn't read it, since I'm not in a position to quit what I'm doing full-time right now, and it's another 14-ish years before that job will be finished. I'm glad I did, though, because I realized it's not actually about quitting. It's actually about NOT quitting your day job before it's time to do so. It's about honing your skill in your spare time without letting go of your former obligations.
So this one picks up where that one left off, and I'm excited to see where I want to aim with even more focus. I want to push my photography and actions-making to the next level, continuing to improve my ability and output and see where it leads.
I've been realizing that to do that means I need to be more aware of how I spend my time. So I'm starting to spend less time playing games on my iPod. More time just getting in and doing the housework, and less time planning it out. And letting go of things that I do out of duty but really don't need to be done.
Like this blog.
Unlike my fabulous friend Karen, who writes often and so well, I've never been a consistent writer. I've never really enjoyed writing. It's always something I feel like I *should* do, not something I *want* to do.
I know I have a couple people who depend on this blog to see pictures of the kids, since they refuse to join Facebook. I will start emailing them the pictures as I post them on Facebook, though if they wanted to just join already I wouldn't mind ;) They don't have to post. Just read. That's fine with me!
So without further ado, I bid this blog adieu!
(that was just too fun a play on words not to use)