Saturday, April 28, 2012

Giving Hudson a fun day out

Josh's mom took the girls on a girly overnight. The girls went to see a movie (Chimpanzee) and then to a kids' spa.
So Hudson needed something fun too.
He told me this week that when he gets big, he wants to drive a car. So, since he's hit the 36" mark, we could take him go-karting!
He's hard to capture since he's, um, short, but I still got a couple fun pictures!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Things heard around here today

~Hudson and Bekah telling me: "I love you so so so so so so so so so so so so much." I think they compete for the most "so"s.

~When I tell Hudson to go into time out (or rather, if he ever did anything wrong and needed a time out. Because he's an angel and never does anything wrong.), he tells me, "but I love you!" (or he would, if he were told he'd done something wrong...ya know, the perfection and all).

~Hudson doesn't like the nightmare on Princess Bride. They call the "boo! boo!" woman "The Queen of Garbage."

~Bekah asks us to play Rat-a-tat-Cat after just about every meal.
Actually, she doesn't ask. She just sets it up and shows us what would be our first card, ever hopeful.

~Jasmine starts second grade on Monday, and Bekah starts Kindergarten. I've enjoyed our three-week summer vacation, in spite of the occasional snow.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hudson's video transcription

In case you had a hard time making out what was said in the video yesterday, Hudson was singing the song I taught him yesterday:
H-U-D-S-O-N, that's how you [spell] Hudson

But he says "spay" instead of "spell" (because it sounds like "say," I'm sure). So Bekah's giggling that he says "spay."

And there you have it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The jacket

I took the kids out for a little photo shoot. I hadn't realized it until this morning, but we actually have the perfect "grungy" backdrop right on our street!
I can't get over these pictures. I'm melting.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Last day in the Twos

Hudson turns 3 tomorrow.
I'm excited for him. He's going to have so much fun.
But I'm really struggling! My little guy is growing up SO fast, and he seems intent on catching up with his sisters.

Right now, the day before his third birthday, he:

~counts to 14 and gets a couple more teens in there before hitting 20
~knows his colors, his animals, all his body parts
~ has the vocabulary of a kid much older than 2
~sings "I'm 19, I'm 19, my birthday's today. a big girl, a woman, a lady, they say" (from Frog Prince)

His favorite:
~movie: Little Bear (um, this is a surprise to me). Now he thinks he likes the Pooh Movie. Usually it's either one of the Toy Story movies or Cars. (later: "I think I like Cars the most.")
~food: "my favowite dinnah is .... (clicking his tongue) macaroni cheese.
~drink: coconut (milk) (as in So Delicious Coconut Milk)
~game: "Mario Kart Wii WooHoo!" (zooming around the room to demonstrate)
~song: "Meshack, Benico" (Louis Armstrong's "Shadrack"
(side note, when the song comes on, Hudson calls it "Bekah's song." He's so generous!)
~color: "uh, pink."
~toy: "My froggie and truck"
~place: "Uh, I don't know. uh, to...bowling."
~Disney World ride: "Buzz Lightyear Ride. That was so fun!"

Happy birthday to my sweet little boy!!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Thirty-five things I love

I turned 35 last week. I feel like that makes me a grown-up or something.

I'm not sure what I think about that.

Anyways, to distract myself from the meaning of the number, I'm going to list 35 things I love.

1. This guy.

2. Sunshine
3. our American Flag waving outside
4. not just because that means it's not raining/snowing, either
5. Reading
6. Lists
7. Helping people
8. Organized places
9. My new Kindle
10. Free books
11. Dandelions brought to me by my sweet kids
12. Anticipation
13. Finishing things
14. like this list
15. Maybe I should have said "10 things I love"
16. Florida, even when I only visit it in my dreams
17. Disney World
18. This kid
19. This girl:

20. I'm pretty crazy about their dad, too. That's putting it mildly.
21. When the kids put away their toys without being asked
22. Daydreams (see 21)
23. um.....this is hard....
24. Spring!
25. Spring flowers
26. Vegetable gardens
27. my family. All of them. and the fact that I'm from a huge family. It's pretty awesome.
28. If I'd listed them individually I wouldn't be stuck on what else I love...
29. Rain on the windows when I don't have to go anywhere
30. A parakeet who likes us
31. a clear inbox
32. new emails
33. contradictions (see 31 and 32)
34. photoshop and Lightroom
35. my camera

I made it! (ish)

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Fun Weekend

1. I updated the look (and title) of my homeschooling blog :) Go see! I'll wait.

2. I like lists. I'm not just copying Pioneer Woman's favorite blog style. It was mine before I knew she existed. So I refuse to feel guilty for doing it too!!

3. Bekah's been perfecting her saute (the ballet step, not the style of cooking veggies). She doesn't know that's what it's called yet, but she's working really hard at getting pointy toes when she's in the air.

4. Hudson likes to jump too, so he had to be in on the action.
(Could he be any cuter?? I didn't think so!!)

5. After taking these pictures, I decided I had to get a shot of the three of them. But my kitchen isn't big enough for that, so outside we went!!

6. Oh, and then a picture of Jasmine in the hat I finished making last night. 

(photobombed by her brother)

7. Bekah wants a hat like that, but hers has to be green. Of course, I don't own green yarn. So a trip to the store is on my list for next week.

8. We dyed eggs. I ran out of ideas on ways to get unique pictures of that, so there aren't any. Maybe their hunt will offer some good pictures, though.

9. It's wayyyyyyy past my bedtime. Night, all!