Sunday, June 19, 2011


This was technically a homeschool outing, but it didn't feel like it so I'm writing about it here instead of on the other blog :)

Yesterday we met with two other families from our homeschooling group at a farm an hour from us.
Jasmine was over the MOON because Grace, one of her very best friends, was going to be there. The two of them and Kevin, the other going-into-first-grader there yesterday, had an amazing time together. You can see her pictures here.

Here's my take on the day!

He's not doing very well at hiding the evidence:

"and she just doesn't know. should she stay? should she go??"
(no, I'm not calling my beautiful daughter a hippopotamus. After all, Hippopotami are not to be messed with!)

We came home with 6 quarts of extremely ripe strawberries (we think the hours in the hot trunk ripened them even more than they were when they were picked!) I've frozen about 4 quarts of them, we ate one and turned one into strawberry shortcake. Delish!


Dave Waddell said...

Just stopped by your blog for the first time Charla. Looks really nice...I'll be sure to stop in more often :) This post is awesome by the way!


Charla said...

Thanks, Dave! That means a lot :D